About me


Some interesting facts about myself and what I do

Hello and welcome to my website, my name is Lisa, and I am an Independent Civil Celebrant. 

I worked within the funeral industry for many years before moving out of the area and leaving to take up an opportunity that came my way to work with Horses.


I have always ridden horses since being a little girl. A couple of years ago we had a harsh winter with lots of snow, the pipes on the yard froze the water troughs froze, I was covered with chilblains and it wasn’t very nice at all, this is when I decided that working with horses was a young person’s job and I was too old.


At the age of 50 I had to contemplate what I wanted to do with my life.  I loved working in the funeral industry so decided to go back and help the families in need.


I got a job as a funeral arranger and refreshed my knowledge as I had been a few years away from the industry.  I progressed in this job to participate in everything there is to know, from bringing deceased into our care, to conducting the funerals on the day.


Then COVID-19 happened.  In April 2020, my Mum passed away, it was a huge shock and stopped me in my tracks, I was stuck in time.  We used a celebrant for Mum’s funeral, and she was absolutely brilliant, got Mum to a tee and the service was very personal.


Then my best friend’s wedding got cancelled due to COVID-19 and she had to set another date.  This date was fast approaching, and it looked like she still would not be able to have the wedding she wanted.  She rang me up and told me she didn’t want to cancel again and wanted to get married.  She asked me to officiate her service, I was blown away and very apprehensive as it was her special day.  Anyway, I agreed, and we discussed what sort of ceremony she wanted and what she would like to be included.  I went away and wrote the service for their wedding, to include music, vows and exchanging of rings.


The day came and it all went beautifully, her family and friends in the congregation did not know that this was my first time and when I told them afterwards, they could not believe how professional I was and how beautifully wrote the service was. They all said I had missed my vocation in life and why did I not do it for a living. 


So that is how I became a Celebrant.


I studied hard and got a lot of experience by going out with another Celebrant.  My background from the funeral industry is paramount as I am aware of the practical side for the Funeral Directors having been on the other side.


Other things about me, I love the outdoors, dog walking and anything adventurous.  I am very family orientated, married with 3 children all grown up now and a beautiful Grandson who melts my heart.  I love socialising and I have many dear friends.


My outlook on life is: -

Don’t put off till tomorrow what can be done today

Life is too short

Live for the moment

If I can’t give 110per cent then I won’t be happy.

Thank you for your visit.