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A handfasting ceremony is becoming very popular with modern couples.  The ceremony is a binding of a couple’s hands by ribbon or cord.
The ceremony is often led by a Celebrant and traditionally lasts for a year and a day.

I will meet with you to discuss your requirements of your service and how we will make your dream wedding come true.
I will write a service for you which includes everything you want to make the service personal and memorable; this will make your wedding day individual and reflect you two as a couple.


This is a perfect alternative to a christening.  

Many parents nowadays do not hold the same religious beliefs and therefore feel that a traditional church service is not for them.

A child of any age can take part in a naming ceremony.  This ceremony can also be held to celebrate step or adopted children being welcomed into the family.

There are no rules or regulations for this ceremony.  You can adapt this ceremony to fit you and your family’s needs and can be held anywhere.


If you enjoyed getting married the first time, then why not do it again.

This ceremony can be help with just the two of you or you can renew your vows in front of family and friends.

This ceremony will be a promise of love and faithfulness and reaffirm your commitment in your relationship to one another, you can use your original rings if you want to include vows or have new ones.

The death of a loved one is a very emotional time.  A funeral is a very significant event which offers the opportunity to celebrate the life of your loved one and say a goodbye. 

With the way of the modern world now, most people do not have a particular religion, although some people still have their own beliefs.  The service can have religious content i.e. The Lords Prayer or a hymn, but this is not necessary if you do not want it.

I will compose a service that is personal to you and your loved one, we will celebrate the life of your loved one and mourn the loss, this will be done in a sensitive and caring way.